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ETHIC Values
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We believe in recognising and rewarding our people. They’re what make our business.

For our Samsung team we undertake a twice-yearly ‘Samsung Superstars’ event where we reward some of our Samsung Field Team who have consistently gone above and beyond.

The events are designed to surprise and delight our people, rewarding their hard work, dedication and commitment to our ETHIC values. Winners who demonstrate exceptional excellence are in for a treat to say the least…

What we did

Last October, we planned an exclusive day out for our 25 winners. By invite only, we welcomed people from all over the UK and Ireland to the Samsung Superstars event, hosted in the heart of Manchester at the luxurious Hotel Gotham.

A cocktail masterclass and street food cooking workshop kicked off the activities, followed by some friendly competition at the Crystal Maze Live Experience. Later, they enjoyed dinner and drinks at Tattu, overlooking the Manchester skyline in the exclusive Zeus Lounge at Cloud 23.

The outcome?

We received reports that 100% fun was had. On top of that, everyone left feeling motivated, recognised and even more connected. Goal achieved.

The activities were so much fun and it was a great way to connect with new team members. It was a truly perfect way to recognise the hard work of all staff involved.

Sarah West, Omnichannel Territory Manager

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ETHIC Values
Staff Engagement