‘Partnerships bring us closer to people and teams in other organisations who share our values and are working towards similar goals, meaning we can all make a bigger impact on the things that matter. We’re excited to continue this journey together with our partners into 2022 and beyond’ – Andrew Leaver, Group CEO at Blue Square and Brand Partnership Group

Sustainability is an absolutely crucial factor in the future of our business, people and communities.

We believe in taking action that drives positive change in this area, and can only do that by reflecting on our business’ current operations and future plans with a view to making them more climate positive, and ultimately aiming to be a net zero business. For this reason, we’ve been working towards achieving ‘Planet Mark’ status, which we did in January 2022. We are inspired to see more and more organisations annually reducing their carbon footprint and doing their bit to create a brighter future.

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The goal of our partnership with The Youth Group is to create more career opportunities for 18 - 30 year olds.

As a people and recruitment partner to some of the worlds most loved brands, we share The Youth Groups’ passion towards enabling young people to access better life and career mentorship and support. In January 2022, we successfully became a Youth Verified® company. This was a significant and important milestone as we work in partnership with The Youth Group and join a group of 300+ other Youth Verified® partners.

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What’s Your Duvet Flip?

If that’s not a question you’ve been asked before, you’re not alone! Jack Parsons, CEO of The Youth Group, is aiming to engage with and support the next generation through a weekly video series featuring some of the most influential leaders and change-makers in the country. We’re thrilled to support Jack and the team in sponsoring this video series. It’s about meaningful inspiring conversations for young people to learn from others’ duvet flip so they can get out of bed in the morning and find their own version of a duvet flip and passions in life.


We’re so proud to partner with MB Motorsport and to have been part of such a successful motor racing team over the last two years as lead sponsor.

We joined their international partner programme in 2018, and our partnership means more than just a logo on a car – having shared values and vision is so important to all of us. Incredible success on the track has been matched with impactful work off it. We can’t wait to drive positive change and innovate in the arenas of sustainability, tech and brand engagement with the MB Partners team again this season.

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