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Live Store

A digital store environment that connects customers with the same knowledge and product demonstration they would usually receive in a physical store – through a web browser or mobile application

Live Agent

A product expert and brand ambassador, typically serving customers in a live digital store environment

Social Influencer

An ambassador with credibility within a product category or industry, providing recommendations to a large network or audience

Contact Centre Support

An outsourced partner for teams working in contact centres that are typically serving inbound and outbound customer enquiries over the phone, through live chat or in response to enquiries captured by chatbot. May include training, product support and awareness of a specific brand or proposition

Live Studio

An environment to create live or pre-recorded content for training, promotions, events and social media, with live streaming, on demand and post production capability in house

Training Team

A team of technical product training experts with the knowledge and expertise to design, develop, coordinate, manage and deploy all training programmes virtually via a live studio, face to face in a physical environment, or hybrid by combining the two

Product Specialists

A team of specialists that maintain an expert understanding of client products and services, with a specialised knowledge of the full product ecosystem.

Brand Ambassador

A role designed to represent your brand to consumers to the highest standard creating a human connection between your products and your customers, whilst delivering demonstrations that create an immersive experience – putting the product in the hands of your customer

Retail Field Team

Designed to enhance the relationship within third-party retail environments by keeping independent retail teams engaged and connected with employees placed in store to represent individual brands and products.

Premium & Luxury Retail Team

A team deployed in Luxury stores or third party concessions, assisting customers with high value considered purchase products, providing personalised experiences including personal shopping and loyalty card events.

Experts Your Way

A team deployed to bring expert product knowledge and unrivalled aftercare directly to the customer, wherever is convenient for them, by offering the customer always on live chat, appointment booking capability to the home for service and sales, with access to expert reviews and ratings.

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