We’ve never lived in a more connected world. We browse, review, trial, shop and repurchase in ways that suit us, on channels that best fit the individual needs we have. Our job is to better understand these changing behaviours, better understand shopper motivations and engage in ways that resonate with individuals. We identify the moments where people, and technology, make the difference. Our aim?

Grow sales. Increase loyalty. Build brand love.

Our Expertise


Struggling to see the woods through the trees? Not sure what to do next or what information to believe? Feel like you’re going off your gut instinct?

Our strategy and insight team can support you. Whether it be working with you to create a road map to a new normal, undertaking primary research to better understand your customers and the evolving customer journey or even just a another pair of eyes to bounce ideas off, we’re here to support.


The future of retail is about a harmonised approach.

New Google research shows the pandemic has made people more flexible about whether they buy online or offline. 73% now describe themselves as channel agnostic, compared with 65% before the global health crisis.

Now, more than ever, understanding engagement moments in store and online is imperative. We use our deep consumer insight to identify these and build retail engagement strategies that optimise and influence with consumers, retailer teams and contact centres.


In a world where physical interactions are limited, how can you better engage with your customers?

60% of consumers say they value the opinion of experts when shopping, 70% of consumers intend to use live chat when purchasing, and 58% of consumers would switch brands if offered an instant online audio/video chat with a brand specialist.

Our customer engagement solutions use a blend of insight, technology, and people to deliver initiatives that make a difference and optimise the customer journey – ensuring you remain innovative, proactive, and ahead of the curve.


Our journey to purchase is not linear. We browse, discover and buy on our terms however the steps we take, the moments that matter, are consistent. We just choose to access them in different ways and at different times throughout our own purchase journey.