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22 April 2021
Blue Square

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day Everyone!¬†ūüĆćūüĆĪ¬†We‚Äôve¬†been having a lot more conversations about sustainability over the last few months. Making positive changes more often to positively impact the environment is something¬†we‚Äôre¬†aiming to achieve collectively as business with our teams.¬†

Like a lot of businesses, reducing our carbon footprint is something¬†we‚Äôve¬†been actively working on here at Blue Square. We‚Äôre lucky to have a ‚ÄėGreat Place to Work‚Äô team who are so passionate about moving¬†this forwards.¬†They‚Äôre¬†a group of Blue Square employees working within Central Support and the field teams, coming together to collectively create great experiences whilst transforming and empowering our people.¬†

Are you wondering how you can make a few simple changes in your routine in order to make an environmental impact? Andy Conway and Elizabeth Butters, the Social Responsibility team within Great Place to Work have got you covered. Here are their top five tips on how you can make a positive change today!  

Go Meat Free, Even Just For A Day

The simple change of a meat free day once per week is an easy swap that makes a big impact. Meat production requires lots of land, chemicals, water and more. Therefore, choosing to go meatless one day a week will help cut down on the resources used to produce meat for food and will over a period have a significant impact on your carbon footprint. 

Upcycle Your Home Décor

With us firmly in the middle of Spring you may have some household projects planned around the corner, if you are looking at new furniture or household décor why not give upcycling a go? Not only is it significantly better for the environment and your bank balance, but you will be able to make something entirely unique that will be the envy of all your friends.

Don’t Waste Your Left Over Coffee

Both coffee grounds and tea bags have tons of nutrients in that can help houseplants thrive. Due to high acidic content, coffee grounds make a perfect fertilizer for acid-loving plants such as tomatoes, carrots, roses, rhododendrons and azaleas. To nourish houseplants that prefer a less acidic soil, once cooled simply tear open a tea bag, add the contents to your watering can and water away.

Ditch Disposable Water Bottles

One-time-use plastic water bottles are a huge problem in landfills and are also a huge expense on your wallet. Instead of buying several bottles of water over time, invest in a good BPA free reusable water bottle and if possible, purify/distil your own water at home. Again, this will not only have an impact on the environment but will save you money too.

Shop Small & Local

Shopping at¬†small and¬†local stores that include products that are¬†both¬†handmade¬†or¬†sourced locally not only is better for economy,¬†but¬†can provide a boost to local communities. With buying local in mind, why not walk or¬†ride your bike¬†round the corner¬†when popping to the shops?¬†By leaving your car at home this then helps the¬†environment¬†significantly as you will be¬†reducing your¬†‚ÄúFood Miles‚Ä̬†carbon footprint, lowering the¬†carbon impact¬†on land¬†that is amplified through vehicles transmissions.

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