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Adding £8m in sales through Brand Ambassadors

During the first lockdown of 2020, online sales of DIY products grew significantly, providing hope of increased demand for physical retailers, as restrictions were eased in June.

Working in partnership with Valspar, we built a campaign within B&Q stores nationwide, deploying 25 “Colour Coach” brand ambassadors to engage with shoppers looking to buy paint products – reimagining the experience of the typical paint aisle in a DIY store. 

In addition to recruiting, onboarding and training the new team, a communications tool was designed and implemented, to enable 360 communication with Valspar central and regional teams, alongside a workforce management platform to manage day to day operations.​​

Market data, research and insight was provided throughout, with consultation with Valspar European teams to help emulate the success of the UK campaign in France.



Sales Revenue across 2 campaigns
Colour Coach Interactions that led to a sale
Uplift p/w per store with a Colour Coach
Increase in sales on days with a Colour Coach

Campaign recovered a £1m sales deficit from Covid-19 lockdown, achieving overall sales target during a key promotional period  and accelerating growth in Valspar Share of Business within B&Q stores

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Brand Ambassadors
In Store Promoters
Retail Management