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Flip and Fold: Creating extra buzz with our team of Roaming Promoters

When your client has some very cool new products to shout about AND one of the UK’s biggest promotions in play (well, we think it is), how do you make sure that the buzz and excitement is felt as widely as possible?

The answer. A team of our amazingly talented roaming promoters touring the UK alongside pop-up activations to really showcase the tech and promote the Samsung £500K selfie campaign. (Yes, you read that right. All you had to do was take a selfie with Samsung’s new Flip and Fold products and be in with the chance of winning £500k.)

Delivering hands-on experiences

The genius of the Samsung new Flip and Fold products really comes to life once you hold and use them. And that’s exactly what the team did.

With the support of seven pop-ups, including two airstreams and five mini photobooths, the team set to work getting would-be customers to really experience the products for themselves.

Anything from gaming on the large fold-out screen to sidling over to the selfie zone, learning about the Flip and Fold camera – and entering the competition for that all-important £500k.

350,000 interactions later (yes, you read that right), our team travelled to 42 different locations bringing the tech innovation and brilliance of the new Flip and Fold to life.

Doesn’t stop there…

…almost as importantly, our dynamic reporting software enabled us to better understand what features resonated the best and with whom what locations were more popular and the most effective times of day to engage and interact with people.

All solid insights to evaluate performance – and drive future activations (once the team got some shut-eye 😉).



2 airstream units



5 mini photo-booths



42 locations



350,000 interactions

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