VR Consumer Engagement – ‘Future You’

Zurich Support

Zurich were aiming to introduce a new range of financial products to the public in an engaging and eye-catching way. Their view was that insurance and financial planning was generally perceived as a ‘functional’ product and their reach with the wider public was limited by their current tone of voice.

We worked with Zurich to create a concept where virtual reality would be used to help attendees see and experience their ‘Future You’. Visitors to the stand would put on a VR headset and explore immersive future scenarios, showing what their quality of life would look like at retirement age, based on varying levels of investment, savings and financial planning (e.g. holidaying on a luxury yacht vs. sleeping under a leaky roof).

In conjunction with the Zurich brand and marketing teams, we built out the customer journey and created virtual reality content, delivered through state-of-the-art hardware on the stand.

The main goals of the activity were to create brand awareness, educate attendees on Zurich’s products and capture potential sales leads. Our experience in sourcing outstanding people enabled us to deploy Brand Ambassadors who would bring this experience to life.



dedicated teams of Zurich ambassadors
growth in appointments booked
delivered to engage, inform and excite

This activity delivered a 388% growth in appointments booked, and also won the award for “Best Event Engagement” at the AP+ Conference.


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