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Go To Market Strategy
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The Brief

Hydrow provides smart home fitness equipment by way of a premium rowing machine that seamlessly connects consumers to a community of rowing experts and like-minded fitness enthusiasts.

Online sales of gym equipment soared to record-breaking heights during lockdown. However, Hydrow recognised that customers still appreciate the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’, especially when thinking about investing in immersive at-home workout products which are a considered purchase.

Our brief was to assist Hydrow, a US-based brand, with a go-to-market strategy for the UK, including the provision of a team and the creation of an immersive customer experience in store to launch the product and drive demonstrations that lead to sales of the product.

Our Strategy

The go-to-market strategy to initially launch their product included the creation of a new global flagship store location in Selfridges London, with an expansion plan to venture into John Lewis post-launch.

The solution was in effect, an end-to-end operating plan which would take Hydrow to market in the UK in just 31 days. To do this, we collaborated with Hydrow on all aspects of the launch – design, customer journey mapping, logistics, people, and much more.

Our work with Hydrow has been nominated for a ‘Product Launch of the Year’ award at the 2021 Field Marketing and Brand Experience Awards.

Human Interaction

We sourced and trained a team of Hydrow experts to provide potential customers with a guided tour through the Hydrow equipments’ many features and its wide variety of workouts.

Training workshops were designed and delivered by our Blue Square team to ensure all Hydrow staff provided by us were highly proficient and ready to represent the brand in the very best way.

The goal was for them to become fluent in connecting customers to daily live classes and a vast library of over 2,500 on-demand workouts, covering everything from heart-pumping interval training sessions to more restorative, mindful rows, all led by world-class athletes who bestow motivational coaching and pointers on technique.

Creating an end-to-end operating plan to take Hydrow to market in the UK in just 31 days