AI Customer Guide

Sales & people, powered by AI

The AI Customer Guide behaves like your best salespeople: asking the right questions at the right time, providing personalised recommendations, and giving visitors in-store, online or in contact centres the crucial assurance needed to convert interactions into sales. A fantastic direct to consumer tool, it can be also used as either a sales enabler for teams. 

In this case study, we showcase how we drove more brand love and delivered a better conversion in-store. We provided in-store staff with tablets with the AI Customer Guide functionality built-in. The store staff used this solution when talking to customers to guide them through the questions and deliver a personalised product recommendation based on what they answered.

Deciding between products online is difficult, so we enable dynamic conversations directly with the customer using a simple and easy to understand question and answer interface then determines their needsTo guide them to personalised recommendations, we gather a customer’s individual needs and preferences.

After refining the customer’s options to a manageable quantitywe educate the customer about product options and features in a personalised and simple way that resonates with them. After assuring the customer that the product’s features address their requirements, our AI customer guide empowers the customer to buy with all the support and ‘human touch’ that an in-store expert can offer.



NPS score
Connectivity discussions (accessories or connected living)
Total sales performance
Premium sales performance

Our AI customer guide empowers the customer to buy with all the support and ‘human touch’ that an in-store expert can offer.

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