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Winner of a 2021 FMBE Award for 'Most effective retail sales experience'

We supported our client with a channel strategy to connect with business to business, reward card, VIP and personal shopper customers, moving beyond traditional brand awareness through an ambassador team.

To help our client understand consumer trends, we deployed our proprietary customer insights solution ‘Pulse Index‘, providing a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour prior to connecting with the store team remotely, or in store.

We supported our client with the design of a customer personalisation strategy to enable high net worth customers to receive personalised VIP in store experiences in a luxury private space, with champagne and refreshments available to customers.

We launched a new in-store sales through experience model, designed to remove complexity and barriers, to enable the teams we provide Samsung across both premium stores, to focus on the customer and the innovative products they love – not retail admin or legacy in-store processes that are outdated and get in the way of the experience.


In addition to the ongoing management of the new Harrods team, we implemented the store operations plan to relocate Samsung in Selfridges to prime retail floorspace in the heart of the technology floor.

This included providing the logistics and management for store opening and launch and the facilitation of global VIP’s travelling from South Korea, to open the new Samsung global flagship space.

In addition to the people solutions provided to our client, we provided always-on access to primary and secondary research, data and insight, to enable two new premium retail stores to take new product categories to market during such a challenging time globally,


Connected, Engaged Teams

To keep our client Samsung connected with their employees, we set up a series of highly engaging live training broadcasts from a production studio we built in a vacant hotel space in Heathrow.

We deployed employee training and engagement, both live and pre-recorded, to maintain morale at a time where the team were frequently thrown into lockdown and then returning to store under very challenging circumstances.

We launched a virtual gamified incentive where employees could win the latest Samsung products to create advocacy, they would then share onto customers.

And to help our client navigate difficult times, we provided a series of virtual masterclasses to share trends and insights, an understanding of the impact Covid-19 was having and how this would impact consumer behaviour and spending going forward.

Masterclasses included:

  1. The ultimate high net worth shopper
  2. International travel tends
  3. The London luxury demographic
  4. Millennials and Gen Z in a premium retail environment

The results delivered for our client included the successful launch of a new in store shop-in-shop experience within Harrods and the relocation to a new shop in shop site in Selfridges London.


  • A redefined structure and team for a larger store format
  • Integrated personal shopping solution with retailer
  • A new Sales through Experience model
  • New digital technology solutions to engage customers and employees
  • Launch of new Computing and Bespoke digital appliance categories in store.

Providing strategy, outsourced people solutions and integrated tech. During this period we successfully launched for our client –


  • A new brand ambassador team
  • A new B2B process for high net worth clients
  • A personalised VIP experience on site
  • New digital technology solutions to engage customers and employees
  • Launch of new computing and micro LED categories in store

Creating a consistent multi-category Samsung experience within a luxury retail environment, underpinned by actionable data and consumer insight.


YOY increase in net revenue vs 2019
YOY increase in net revenue vs 2020
new product categories launched